Philip A. Tritico, P.E.

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Philip Tritico, P.E.

Mr. Tritico is Managing Director of Rone Earthworks.  He is a seasoned executive, consultant and business developer with 37 years of experience in the engineering and construction industry. His primary experience is in consulting engineering, design and construction management in the civil and environmental fields. Previously Mr. Tritico founded and built ESOL, LLC.  Prior to that he built his own consulting practice, Industry Advocates, and before that he ran the Houston office of Delta Environmental. Mr. Tritico’s professional experience includes partnering, litigation support, and advisory commission service. He specializes in infrastructure capital, risk management, market analysis, business planning, strategic/preemptive consulting, legal support and de-commoditizing engineering services. Technically, Mr. Tritico is highly specialized in soil construction, ground risk, and the earthen fill elements of shallow foundation infrastructure for all civil and environmental developments. Mr. Tritico is considered by geotechnical experts that have worked with him the industry’s foremost professional in soil construction, compaction control and associated forensics.

Throughout his career, Mr. Tritico has studied the one and only area of civil construction where the industry has no direct connection, control or verification of engineering design requirements: cohesive soil construction. This historic gap in practice has caused decades of dysfunction in construction and ground movement after construction. Mr. Tritico has filled this gap between the geotechnical sector and the designers and builders, and solved the consequent problems during and after construction. He identified the problem sources, defined the markets, determined the solutions, and developed information tools required for effective engineering and construction control.  Phil holds a BS in civil engineering from Texas A&M University with graduate studies at the University of Houston. He is well published and a recipient of the John B. Hawley Award for the State of Texas in 1995.

Phil is married to Helenanne and has four children: Aubrey, Jay, Wesley and Anthony.  Phil passionately relishes in his children’s achievements.  He loves college football and is a big Aggie fan.  He is an avid fisherman, and a better bass fisherman than Mark Gray!

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