Earthworks Control

Rone has long been a leader in the industry quest for control of ground movement and is proud to announce the formation of the Rone Earthworks Division. Rone Earthworks fills historic gaps in the earthworks industry between the geotechnical engineers and the designers and builders, and solves the primary source of ground movement.

Our “crumbling infrastructure” is a major economic problem, constant news and a central issue in election campaigns every year. In the US alone, property damage due to ground movement is estimated at $19 billion annually and growing at a rate of about $0.35 billion each year.

Historically, there has been no direct connection between engineering requirements and soil construction. This industry gap is the crux of the problem. Only in soil construction do we have this condition. In all other areas of construction, the builders have what they need to achieve design requirements with full control over performance, production and costs. We provide this control now for the design and construction of soil foundations.

Rone Earthworks removes habitual assumptions from the design and construction process and replaces that with site-specific information. With this ability, Rone Earthworks achieves engineering requirements, solves the core problem, and gives the owners, designers and builders the business controls they have needed for their projects. Rone Earthworks provides designers and builders with the ground strength properties they have been lacking.

“It’s important that we know the strength and stability of materials we use to design and build things,” says Phil Tritico, P.E., Managing Director of Rone Earthworks. “We know this for all other construction materials and we now have the ability to know this for soils.”

Rone Earthworks signature advance is a suite of tools and abilities called “Rone Earthworks Control™”, or “REC™.” REC™ is a true breakthrough that unites standard engineering science and practice. REC™ determines the performance and results of soil construction, before construction. With these abilities, Rone is able to determine the controls needed to achieve engineering requirements in construction.

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