Established by Ronnie Rone in 1972, Rone quickly became recognized as a leader in the geotechnical engineering field with Ronnie at the helm and his focus on managing the highly expansive clay soils in the region, with a particular focus on the Las Colinas Urban Center in Irving, Texas. Rone has maintained a focus on control of ground movement as is evidenced throughout the history of the firm, both in our project portfolio, as well as our internal commitment to solving issues related to ground movement.

In 1984, Rone moved from its original location in Arlington, Texas and opened two locations with one in Dallas and one in Fort Worth. Environmental services were added to the core geotechnical and construction materials service lines during the 1990’s. In 1998, Richard and Harold Leigh acquired Rone and Ronnie Rone retired shortly thereafter. With addition of Larry Bracken in 1999 and Mark Gray in 2001, the company ownership was restructured with Richard Leigh, Mark Gray and Larry Bracken becoming the managing partners of the firm.

Through the early 2000’s, Rone experienced significant growth and expanded into central and south Texas with new office locations in Austin and Houston. In 2009 Rone formed a formal Mentor-Protégé agreement with JRB Engineering (JRB). JRB is a minority owned business (MBE) that is HUB certified and a small business enterprise (SBE). The partnership remains active and has resulted in numerous successful transportation industry projects with Rone and JRB teaming with prime contractors and developers.

The year 2019 saw Rone take their next big step in the evolution of ground movement control when the Rone Earthwork Controls (REC™) was formed. Following years of research, development and trial projects, REC was unveiled in October 2019 and finally establish true engineering controls for subgrade construction for all forms of earthworks projects.
As we approach our 50th anniversary, we are excited to see where the future leads!