What We Do

Rone provides geotechnical engineering, materials testing and environmental services on thousands of projects each year. For a half century, these core capabilities have helped to ensure the quality, stability and longevity of some of the Southwest’s most iconic and transformational projects, including roads, bridges, museums, schools, colleges, industrial, commercial and residential projects.

Materials Testing

Rone’s Construction Materials Testing Team is composed of experienced field engineers and engineering technicians who are trained and certified for a wide range of…

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Geotechnical Engineering

The Rone Geotechnical Team provides extensive knowledge and expertise of local subsurface conditions by providing design and construction recommendations…

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Environmental Consulting

The Rone Environmental Team brings more than 40 years of experience helping developers, property owners, local governments and industrial organizations…

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Earthworks Control

Rone has long been a leader in the industry quest for control of ground movement and is proud to announce the formation of Rone Earthworks – its new division…

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Core Values

Our core values are the pillars that strengthen our organizational culture, brand identity and operational strategy. It defines the characteristic traits of each team member and the collective of our firm. It acts as a guide for decision making and defining our interactions with clients and employees.

Results Oriented

Our clients trust us to do our job exceptionally well. We do not settle for “good enough,” because good is the enemy of great. We show up daily, take responsibility for our work, set our standards very high, and are constantly raising the bar for competitors and ourselves.


We firmly believe we deliver our best results working as a team through shared goals and mutual support. We value others’ contributions as unique individuals, and we strive to invest in each other’s growth and success.

Be Your Best Self

Our desire is always to be better than the day before. Therefore, we strive to act, behave, and communicate as professionals, deeply valuing honesty, and demonstrating mutual respect. We choose to lead by example and put our best foot forward daily.

Do More with Less

Through strategic planning, partnership and a lot of creativity, we persistently seek to create better and more efficient ways to serve others and solve tough problem. This enables us to do more with less while maintaining our commitment to excellence.

Committed to Excellence

Excellence is our standard and not a goal. We are committed to demonstrating and promoting excellence in what we do every day. Our aim is to exceed expectations in every project through quality in our work and practices.

Exude GRIT

We work with passion, resilience, determination and focus. We are dedicated to doing the hard work, even when it’s not fun or rewarding. We aim to learn from our failures, use them as steppingstones, and relish the opportunity to be stretched further and to make us better.
For over a decade, Rone has been our exclusive partner for all geotechnical, environmental and third-party materials testing needs. Nick Summerville, COO / Kaizen Development Partner
Rone Engineering has been a vital partner in the construction of the Legacy Midtown Park. Their involvement during the 311T permitting process resulted in the successful issuance of that permit. I would not hesitate to recommend them to any Owner or Developer. Marco DePalma, President / The Belaire Group