Ann Adams

Ms. Adams has been actively involved with the growth and development of Rone Engineering for over 15 years.  She brings extensive experience from the financial market sector into the construction services industry.  Ann brings her 30+ years of experience in client management to every client and is relentless in efforts to deliver a best in practice level of service to each and every client. Prior to joining Rone in 2005, Ms. Adams worked in the financial industry in a similar role where she used her outgoing personality to provide staffing and support services to her financial sector clientele.  Ms. Adam’s professional experience includes key client management roles in the fields of transportation, industrial development, high-rise structures, and commercial and residential contractors and developers.  She specializes in client account management and has focused the past 15+ years of her career on separating Rone by defining their market niche and helping establish them as a leader in the industry.  Ms. Adams continues to work with the Rone leadership team as they differentiate themselves as being a different kind of engineering firm.

Ann has two adult children that are the center of her life.  She is an avid runner and has participated in several half and full marathons.  Her favorite pastimes include cycling and running around White Rock Lake.  Ann has a giving heart and has supported several philanthropic efforts, including food drives, working with children with special needs and many more.  Next time you see her, ask her about the first time she went on a construction site with Mark!

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